Margarida and Filipe

Seated in front of the altar, at the ceremony in the church, the groom and the bride smile side by side, listening to the presiding priest, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

Setting out to cover a wedding day is always a great unknown and at the same time, at least for me, a great adventure. I always leave with a dose of unease and doubt about the great responsibility that being a wedding photographer entails, photographing, ensuring that the story of the day is recorded for future memory, and guessing the satisfaction of the couple who so kindly took me with them. Will I make it today? Or, so much fun that when it was over I found myself asking, ‘Well? Aren’t there any more photos?

That’s what happened with Margarida and Filipe at Quinta da Cascata in Mafra.

The result is here, let your eyes decide.