Vanessa and Ricardo


In the garden of Quinta da Ramila, the bride and groom pose, embracing, next to the trunk of an olive tree, for a photo taken by the wedding photographer in Leiria.

If there is a word in my mind that must be present on a wedding day is respect. Respect for what is there, respect for the people and what they are doing, for the expectations of the Bride and Groom and everything that they have programmed during so much time only for one day, for the ties that link all those in place, for the party and commemoration of that beautiful thing that is a commitment for life and doing this without imposing myself or changed something that never belonged to me, except for the catch of the photos.

It is not an easy task but I think it is noticeable in the photographs I made, on Vanessa and Ricardo’s wedding day at Quinta da Ramila. I do not need to talk about them because my photos do it for the wedding photographer. I hope you feel that.

Texto fotos: Fernando Colaço