Couple, after the marriage at Club Nau, walking on a beach in Algarve.

Wedding under the orange light and the photographer take advantage


Couple, after the marriage at Club Nau, walking on a beach in Algarve.

The photographic session with the couple is one of the parts of the day that I like the most.  It was the reason why I decided to come to wedding photography. Since I felt that pleasure with a photographic camera tenderly in my hands, photographing people was my main subject.

It was, no doubt, the possibility of photographing the couple, at an agreed time, that called me and I never left. Of course, as soon as it started I found the other parts of the wedding that, each one with its own appeal, photographing all day was unavoidable. I must say that my passage from photographer to wedding photographer was immediate as soon as I had my first experience.

But, it is true, nothing can replace those moments with my couples in the evening, with the sun almost saying good night until tomorrow, with that orange light we love to see in photos and keep them, for me, for a few minutes. After, it is just walking, playing, letting them with each other, and, as if by magic, it is done. I did not even notice how fast it was.

Baby with the parents, just married in a beach in Algarve near Club Nau.
Sunny warm light bathing the bride and the groom in a Beach in Algarve.
Couple, after married, ending a walk in a beach in Algarve.

Photo from the couple session at Club Nau in Portimão, Algarve.

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