Weddings and affections


We love you very much. That is what all people mean in the space of the party. They have approached the family and the other ones from far away places. They are the street players of the days of childhood. They are from the high school with stories to tell…well, not all. They are from the university and other places where the way of life joined together.

It is the obligation of the wedding photographer, without the need of great search, to pick up, as if flower branches were recovering to important decoration, all that ties that he finds under the shadows, under the direct sunlight, diverting attention some or wanting the spot others.

Therefore, there is no lack of subject for the wedding photographer collecting affections, bonds, better or worse stories are told offering framings and compositions always photographable which, like water in a fast river, transform and complete all the time, not giving rest to the curious eyes of the photographer in … wedding.

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