Margarida and Filipe


Just let me go. Once, because it can not be other way. We have a group of people preparing themselves to the event that we want unique and as a celebration. The hustle and bustle which is growing of intensity as the time is shorting to the essencial moment, the ceremony with the expected yes, give to the wedding photographer, not a content giver, all the juice he can use but never tired of finding more.

Twice, because he does not lead the happening moments and all the do not try like that, just a little more to the side, if you join each other is better, he have the time to think if from this side is better to do the photo, if crouched give a better angle ou if running fast around the house it give him a better frame and, like a parasite which live from the work of others, he just run with the flow and, at the end, through his photos everybody knew that worked the best at the end. Me, well, this is the way I think the wedding photographer should work. With Margarida and Filipe it worked.

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