Sofia and Ricardo


When we leave as a photographer to a wedding we never know what we gonna find until the end of the day and neither how it will happen. That is why I compare wedding photographers to stage artists. Both tend, before the action, to have a nervous crisis, agonies, some drive crazy and it seems we forget everything. They, the artists, forget the text and the songs. We, the photographers, think we forgot some gear, the addresses, and the GPS always want to deceive us and do not spot the groom’s door. But once the first word is spoken or the first note just happens everything is over and at the end it just applauds. With us, the photographers, the first time sound of the camera shutter tell us that everything is alright and it slides down as a very well oiled machine until the moment to put the gear in the bag, again. It was exactly like that with Sofia and Ricardo wedding at Quinta das Riscas. If you ask me if I remember everything, I do not. But, I brought with me the photos that do it for me. That is my joy as a wedding photographer.