What attracts the photographer to photograph


If there is a thing that enchants me during the wedding day it is our ability to friendship. Thinking that only two persons, because they decide to get married, can find around them all that amount of people, much more than you could think about, fascinates me and, at the same time, move me so much. Really. That is one of my main interests as a photographer in a wedding, driving me to tell that story developing in the front of me. That is why, not by far, the couple does not occupy so much photos, in my job, as the guests and family.

These three photos can show exactly that. Surrounding the bride, her friends, I repeat, her friends frame her, help me to compose photos, avoid the mono presence of the abandoned bride and bring to the action the humor that small the time and attract wedding photographers.

It is true that I focus myself in the job, during the day, and I am a sort of ignored person in the process, but if I am not able to feel that joy, by the celebration and the pleasure of the friendship around the couples, that chose everybody there, the wedding photographer would not be so tempted to return every time a couple find him worthy for that. The photos would not be of great interest.


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