What the photographer receives at weddings


The wedding photographers do not only give what they know to cover a wedding day. They receive so much. I can talk about myself. I must be, on the wedding day, the person that receives more offers and, maybe because I am not shy, I accept them all, looking for the eyes of those that gifted me as a thank you but, also, do you have more? I am that thankless guy that is never happy, for receiving so much, and never stop walking around finding someone, or some group, that can offer some more photo that I gluttonously and shamelessly collect. Of course, being the photographer, at the wedding, helps walk there with an outstretched hand, all the time, and no one cares about it.

Especially I like those offers that it seems they are not. Those I steal. How I love to steal photos that are running around and, suddenly, they transform themselves into surprises and nobody thinks, for once, to chase the thief or call the police. They invited me to be there. Steal, steal at will that nobody cares about. Yes, the wedding photographer is, for sure, the person who receives and takes the most, even without permission.

On top of that, I know that I will not be persecuted for all that things, photos, that I carry with me and, in the end, I will have, facing me, those happy smiles from ear to ear when they find all these jewels I brought, now, polished and transformed in photos, inside a book with the all story that will complete their memories that, and because of that, never will be faded. The work of the wedding photographer will take care of that, and will assure that the time will stop to be time, every time those photos turn on, again, the light of the moments with which they were taken. For all this, as soon as I finish delivering every piece of those denials of the physics, which detests time without time, I, immediately, start to think about where is the next place of new offers and..we may say it, thefts.

Bride leaning back, in a moment of introspection, just before leaving for the wedding ceremony.

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