Bride's hands holding wedding ring, in a composition of the wedding photographer in Portugal.

When everything must be perfect in the wedding, as the photographer like it


Bride's hands holding wedding ring, in a composition of the wedding photographer in Portugal.

When I meet with the clients, so they can see If I may be the one for their wedding, one of the things that give me the sign that they started to like me is when they begin to describe, with joy, the place they chose and the things they are planning to be perfect. I am rarely mistaken, because, also, even without noticing it, I begin to make part of the discussion.

However, some of the decisions start by shivering me since I begin to think about the photographic conditions of that perfectly planned situation. The most common example is the wedding ceremony and I tell: When I met Jade, because Neil had not arrived yet, I could not get more excited when she and his father, the subject of some posts here, describe to me the ceremony in the main square, in the top of the hill in Nazaré, where D. Fuas Roupinho was prevented from falling with the horse to the beach down there.

But, since my wedding photographer side begin to imagine how the main ingredient of my work, light, will behave, I could not stop feeling a shiver that lasted until the moment the ceremony started on the wedding day. This is because the place authorized was not the best in terms of light, which foreigners love so much, to the good work of the wedding photographer. But, as always, everything was solved for the best, those my little angel’s friends, sent a thin fog softening that hard light, and Jade and Neil did not fail to keep the photos from the long-imagined wedding ceremony.

Largo Nossa Senhora da Nazaré with a wedding and tourists.
Bride maids and groom's godfathers in the way for the wedding ceremony
Bride with his father walking in the aisle for the wedding ceremony.
Pages with the bride's vows at the wedding ceremony.
Bride reading the vows to the groom.
Groom reading the vows to the bride in a wedding in Nazaré, Portugal.
Bride and groom going out the ceremony under flower petals.

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