When it happens the photographer, on the wedding, take advantage


Sometimes, authentic gifts are offered to the wedding photographers. Several times, when I am doing my job, I find myself wishing something special and unusual in some part of the day, specially on those parts that tend to be very alike. I do not talk about the imagination necessary to make each event unique.

I talk about to be ready to photograph in the part that repeat itself over and over in all weddings, wherever it happen. That is, nothing new where nothing new is supposed to happen . The wedding ceremony is a ritual that we need to be always the same because it is what make it a ritual, a unifying moment and, at the same time, a transformer of the connection between two persons.

When it happens to see in the viewfinder something that usually it is not supposed being there, the wedding photographer must not let this intrusion something else unless celebrate…with photos. I celebrate by the photographer, I celebrate by the photo that happed there and, specially, I celebrate by those that were kind enough to offer them to me. It is like that, the wedding photographer can not let nothing to escape.

Bride and groom, in the wedding ceremony, at the moment of the rings.
Bride and groom after the rings ceremony with a daughter in between.
Bride and groom after the ceremony, with the two daughters.

Some photos in a wedding in Montes Claros Secret Lisbon Spot em Monsanto, Lisbon.

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