When the photographer can not be for wedding, in a ceremony


In some churches it is not easy, for the wedding photographers, to find the best points of view for a better solution and good photographs. The way how the space was built, making it almost impossible good frameworks, by the size, be it by the grandiosity or the smallness, it can difficult very much to photograph as we like it. But the things are what they are and the photographer can not have the excuses, because he can not use the things in his favor. I am, and it is not a problem to say it, a photographer that give his body and soul when in a job. 

I, always, find a way to dress my frames with results that tell me they are achieved. But there, in the church ceremonies, is one thing that I am never prepared, even if I know that is possible to happen, and makes me, I assure you, offended when the priest, on the wedding ceremony, does not let me search in and find the best for my clients, seated in the front of him. The funny thing is that they always are experts and tell me, without some sort of doubt, that the right place is…there.

Of course, the wedding photographer, does not want to disrespect the place and the authority in place but, and I am glad for it, we can not ear the thoughts. I am sure that if it were shown, the direction of the door was for sure and I could not do what I am doing there. So, take it easy, get calm and become submissive. Pretend that you obey and, as if you are doing nothing, quietly, here it is one, look there the little girl playing in the back of the bench, nice…the wedding couple from here, now, the priest is looking ahed, go there and do that one and come back quickly. With patience, the story is being written and, at the end, the wedding photographer says thank you and sorry for the annoyance. It was only a wedding… it didn’t want to bother anything…

Note: it was the case, so the story.

Wedding couple seated in the front of the altar in the Mafra Basílica.
Bride and groom listening the priest during the homilia.
Little girl playing in a wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom viewed from the altar at the Mafra Basílica.

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