Couple laughing, seated on the grass at the Quinta dos Pézinhos no Tejo.

When the photographer stays a wedding one


Couple laughing, seated on the grass at the Quinta dos Pézinhos no Tejo.

We may find several reasons to stay a wedding photographer. Yes, I think we do not become wedding photographers, we stay. Everything we do must begin somewhere even if, most of the time, we do not remember why. We can become because it was a busy family because we found that was I nice way of earning a living, because it was fun to observe someone else doing it, etc.

However, it seems to me, that a wedding photographer is because he stayed. The first reason must contain that pleasure when photographing. The second one is because it happens to get to a place and feel, immediately, that we belong. Here I am happy. Here I do what my body and mind just do. Here I see myself wanting to do always better. Here…I am.

It was like that with me. I was a photographer, a job, for several years and I was not so happy with it. Just here and there I found one photo that makes me happy. One day, someone asked me to photograph a wedding but I had never done one I do not know how to do it I do not even guess what is important to the couple I do not know if they will like the photos…ok. I go. And I stayed. I stayed a wedding photographer until today without any desire to leave.

Groom, with a very happy face, looking to the bride.
Bride and groom embracing each other, in the photo session, looking away.
Bride and groom, on their wedding day, posing for a photographer at Quinta dos Pézinhos no Tejo.
Bride with her daughter, with the face painted.
Bride, seated, with hands crossed.
Groom, very happy, under the sun set light.
Bride and groom, hand in hand, in sunset light at Quinta dos Pézinhos no Tejo.

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