When you cannot photograph, the photographer photographs


Sometimes it is difficult. To achieve a photo, the wedding photographers need the subject, the thing or the person to photograph, the point of view, the place to stay with the lens you chose, wherein the right moment the camera will make that noise annoying to some priests. Without those elements, a photo is impossible to achieve.

That is why, sometimes, it is a great difficulty to find that point of view when our moving on in the place is limited by officiant that does not let the wedding photographer on the loose, as he wish. Because of that, imagination must take control and everything, that could not be important, must be found in the place, with the help of the photographer, and find some interesting elements to solve the problem, that stumble the way.

Of course, I will not say that the wedding photographer stops doing his job, which is not happening, that is not important, and find, fast, some alternatives. Sometimes there is not. It is a complication, but the boss is the boss. On top of that, the space is beautiful to die for a photograph in it. I just want to say…I can not…but…In the end, there are always the photos that matter that the bride and groom keep this part of the story, of their day. Never missed.

Groom, in profile, during the wedding ceremony, in the Church.
Bride with tiara and veil, during the wedding ceremony in a Church.

Photos from a wedding at Sintra in Church of Santa Maria

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