When you stay the photographer of a wedding


Those moments. To the wedding photographer, always curious, moments that need a fast reaction, in gathering events, are an irresistible attraction. I remember, perfectly, the wedding where, for the first time I felt that I really was photographing a wedding, how I thought it must be done. After the meal, walking around with a camera in my hand and ready to hit the right eye and, without notice, I was recollecting affections, laughs, surprises, or…nothing.

It was at that wedding that I stayed wedding photographer. After, in the office, when verifying all those moments that made way to the couple’s home, I felt that, even for them, I was not the same photographer if my work was not be done like that.

After that day, it is true, I departed to all weddings not because I was the photographer of the day, but as someone very curious with a new strong motivation to photograph. And that changed everything. It changes my attitude, my goal, and, especially, the result of my work. As I wrote here before, on that day I stayed a wedding photographer. Because we do not become, we stay.

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