Where to the photographer is not enough to be fast after the wedding ceremony


If there are moments, in the wedding day process, where the wedding photographers are completely dependent of the spontaneity it is when, since the wedding ceremony come to the end, the couple receive those hugs and kisses I am very happy for you from the families and guests. It is an authentic game of run and catch because what happens in the front of my cameras is so fast that could be compared to a rally race, with his fast abrupt curves and hilltop jumps that, so much, appeal to fans.

Not undoing the other parts of the day, here it is an authentic look at me and see if you can catch me. I have the bride receiving the compliments and in the moment I feel the photo, someone appear in the middle and make it impossible my best photo of the day…it could be. When I feel that I have that perfect face expression of the groom, suddenly, his attention goes away and…it was. Having dozens and dozens of people, wishing them well in that short space, can create moments of some euphoria because, to some, it is time to snuggle stomachs, and all that is a very desired subject  and a titanic fight to achieve great photos by the wedding photographer.

It seems, by the difficulty of the last paragraph, that the wedding photographer prefer to abandon and wait for the next more easy stage. But that is just the opposite. It is a great challenge to him, here he can prove to himself that he can achieve, in that very difficult photographable moments, and be effective doing that. It is like to be inside a game with the only purpose is to win. Maybe it is the time where the wedding photographers show to themselves what they are able to do. At least that’s where I test myself, and the result doesn’t seem too bad. 

Bride laughing between balloons and guests.
Groom being hugged with bride at his side, in a moment of congratulations.
Groom, in the background, and bride receiving congratulations after the ceremony.

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