While the photographer waits until the preparation for the wedding


Not always, during the bride get ready, we are overwhelmed and the so called dead times can be many. But the wedding photographer can not be with nothing to do and find, all the time, photos with all the members in place whether they are going to entertain of fine tuning the beauty work.

Even if I, sometimes, arrive early, specially at the bride, I never felt without nothing to do. I must be journalist, which mean curious, and peek every places in the place to find always a subject to a photo. If the wedding photographers are all like that I do not know, but if what I see in the work from those who I admire the best, they must be not so different except in the final personal style already as a photo.

Those small randomly findings are what we can peek as different, between all the wedding photographic work. They are those small grains that the wedding photographer pick up, as a pigeon in the square, that season, at the end, and give to the couple a bigger and more complete vision of their day and all who were with them.

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