While waiting, the photographer takes advantage


Waiting. It could be the theme of those photos. Or, tying time. Or, yet, children with lots of patience. However, to the wedding photographer  they were photos that come out well. He went there, the children were there, the bride had not started yet to get ready and he took advantage.

Photographing kids is not easy. If they are little ones they change face expressions more fast then the sea waves change shape, the middle ones are curious and want, before, to know what is inside the camera or they just pose themselves with that simile the mother told them to do in the photos from the school, which I do not recommend, the upper infants usually are the best to photograph but the just adolescents look at you with that look and send the wedding photographer to bore others.

But who said that photograph was easy. If it was, maybe, I do not cara about. This is because it is always in the intervals that the photos are hidden, regardless the age of the kids. If we have some patience, velocity to react and attention to observe any wedding photographer can, in a morning full of children before the bride start to get ready, find that intervals with photos that, one day, will make them happy to see.

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