As if in a frame, the bride and groom at the church altar, he with crossing hands in the front and her with the bouquet in the hands, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

Windy day at the wedding

As if in a frame, the bride and groom at the church altar, he with crossing hands in the front and her with the bouquet in the hands, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

 People say that a wet wedding is a blessed wedding. In the case of Sofia and Bruno, it was a windy wedding and the result must be the same. That is a fact that I do not remember being at a wedding with so much wind all day. My main worry was to arrive at the bride’s, get ready, and see if the hairdressing was right for this day. If not it was bad for photography and for memory.

My worries ended when I realize that it was all done right and Sofia was transformed into a beautiful bride under the lens of my cameras, always curious. 

At the end of the street was the Church where Bruno nervously, impatiently, and proudly, waited for his bride witnessed by the priest in the moment of the first glimpse of the bride at the door of the Church, in a high contrast image, started the ceremony event.

This wedding photographer is always thirsty for more photos, which on contrary you may think are not made by him or his camera and lens, but they are scattered in the church ready to be recognized and locked in a sensor inside the camera.

My lens witnessed that the wedding of Sofia and Bruno was as it should be, joyful, and happy and I am sure that, even because of the wind, everything ended well as the music and dance ended well.

I do not want to repeat myself but if at the end of the day, the wedding photographer has a real story to tell, recognizable by those that were part of it, it is a great base for the future of the couple that everybody wants full of good things. Witnessing that and bringing it for future memory is a pleasure that only a committed wedding photographer know-how.

Bride's shoes, in front of a porcelain piece with yellow and blue flowers.
The bride's earrings on an antique piece of wood.
Bride's face, being made up, between the make-up artist and another person, blurred.
The florist arrives with the bride's bouquet.
The bride talks about the bouquet with the florist, hidden by the branch, out of focus.
The bride, in the mirror, checks her makeup.
The bride's dress, hanging in a window.
Bride from the back, seen through an open door, already dressed, unbuttoned.
Two hands button the bride's dress, surrounded by some guests.
The bride, in a portrait after ready, with a window in the background.
The bride, already dressed, between a window and a furniture in the bedroom, looks at the dress.
At the back of the room where she got dressed, the bride looks at the wedding photographer.
The bride looking at the bouquet, reflected, from the back, in a mirror.
The bride with her mother, who checks the dress, and the father, who is waiting to take her to the wedding ceremony.
The bride, with her back turned, closing the bedroom door to go to church.
Bouquet in hand and in a mirror, the bride ready to leave.
The bride leaves the house and gets into the car for the church.
The bride, inside the car, adjusts her dress.
The bride talking to someone, through the car window, with a smile on her face.
The groom entering the church with his mother for the wedding ceremony.
The bride with two bridesmaids and her father, walking up the stairs of the church.
The groom greets the father of the bride who looks smiling.
As a guest reads a sacred text, the bride and groom are seated at the wedding ceremony.
At one point during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom look down.
Sitting, the bride looks to the side, at the church.
The groom, seated, looks to the side listening to the priest.
The bride and groom in front of the priest, with his back turned and reading them a sacred text from the wedding ceremony.
The moment when the bride puts the ring on the groom's finger.
After the wedding ceremony, the couple next to each other in the church.
At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom holding hands, leaving the church.
At the church door, the bride and groom receive a bath of rice and flower petals, thrown by the guests.
The groom in the midst of the wedding guests, receiving greetings.
The bride with the bouquet in her hand, among the wedding guests leaving the church.
The newlywed couple entering the dining room, applauded by the guests.
In the session with the wedding photographer, the bride and groom holding the bouquet and looking at each other.
Amidst the bushes in the Quinta dos Jarros garden, the bride and groom are hugging each other, eye to eye.
Embraced, the bride and groom laugh at the photo session at Quinta dos Jarros.
Looking ahead and hugging, the bride and groom seen through a tunnel of light.
The bride leaning against the groom's chest within a circle of light, at Quinta dos Jarros.
The bride, in black and white, surrounded by a dark frame.
Next to a plant in the Quinta dos Jarros garden, the groom, arms crossed, looks ahead.
The bride peeks through a glass door.
In the wedding dining room at Quinta dos Jarros, the bride chats with a guest.
The groom, along with two wedding guests, offers cigars.
In front of a blue background, the bride and groom chat with a couple of wedding guests.
Face to face, the bride and groom in the first dance of the wedding, opening the ball.
Bride and groom and guests at the wedding party dancing under green light.
The bride dancing among the guests under a blue light.
Seen from above, the bride and groom, in front of guests,
prepare to break the wedding cake.
The bride, with her bouquet in the air, on her way to the singles at the wedding, below.

From a wedding at Quinta dos Jarros in Azueira.

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