With love, light and fire the photographer follow the bride and groom to the wedding cake


Light, fire, and life. If the cut of the cake is the last offer from the bride and groom to their guests, they repay with gestures that symbolize their presence by choice and because of their love for them. Nothing more symbolic than lighting with light, coming from fire, all the way of the couple to the last ritual of the night, the offer of the cake.

Every time the wedding photographer finds the right point of view he can show that this was and, with a different point of view, the couple will remember that walk through that tunnel of celebration, light, and fire. It is not always the easiest thing to photograph of the day. The low light conditions, fire, and energy necessaries to make a photo, which is writing with light, do not always help, but the wedding photographer already has some tricks, taught over time, and assure these complement of memory, his obligation, and function. 

Yes, I see my work as a complement with that one the newlywed’s transport with them, at the end of the day. Of course, the wedding photographer has a different perspective, he had other points of view, he saw the things from other angles that aloud, in the end, join the pieces and assure an all full of details. At least, I strive for that. And it seems to work.

Bride and groom in the way to the cut of the cake, between guests.
Bride and groom in the way to the cut of the cake, between guests.

Photography from a wedding at Quinta dos Pezinhos no Tejo at Monte da Caparica, with Lisbon in the other side of the Tagus river.

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