The groom, friends and the wedding day


When the wedding photographer arrives at the groom’s place there is space for some calm moments. Nothing better than this group of friends celebrating and being with someone that is very important to them, to a very complete day of adventures and emotions. It seems that something important is going on, but it is just small talk, the one that only friends can do.

I do not know if beginning the day with champagne is the best idea to have, but this one is to celebrate something great, friendship and all the important moments before and that ahead. To the wedding photographer, it is very important to find all that energy in the morning, pointing to the only good things during the day. It must be, that connection with friends, only good things.

The wedding photographer only commits himself to the cover and does not touch, not at all, on those sacred and mystic bonds that belong to those, with the groom, that share this first part of the day. I assure you that was strong and dynamic. I will show you later.  

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