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Unexpected photos in the wedding

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER AND THE OTHER CHARACTERS It is evident that the main subjects of the wedding photographer, during all day, are the bride and the groom. They offer, through the several stages, all the necessary photos to bring the memory of the day, that they chose to be today. As the landscape photographer know,… Read more »

Last details of the bride

BRIDE TRANSFORMATION and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I think I wrote here, before, about the great serenity that I find in the brides in the first part of the preparation, the make up and hair. It is a fact. Because bride is woman and it is part of the woman that ability to suffer, well at… Read more »

The father and the sons ready to the ceremony of the wedding

THE FATHER GROOM I like very much to photograph couples with kids that for, several reasons, decided oficialize their life together. Having the great bustle with the bride, and a groom preparing to fine tune the kids for a perfect harmony in the important event, some moments ahed, it is a nice opportunity for me…. Read more »

Wedding in Cascais and Sintra

CASCAIS, SINTRA AND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Cascais and Sintra are, both, a great space to successfully chose to a wedding day. Cascais old town as a very special beauty because the old borough as been untouchable throughout time and it is a perfect place to photograph. The sided sea, give an enhanced beauty. Sintra is… Read more »

Wedding day in Sintra

A WEDDING, REALLY, INSIDE THE VILLAGE OF SINTRA I  can count some amount of weddings that I photographed in Sintra as a place chosen by the bride and groom. But it has been or the ceremony or the party. This time, Ulrica and João did chose Sintra for the ceremony the Church of Santa Maria… Read more »

The moments of the bride

THE FUN OF THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER If you thing that the bride and groom are always smiling during the wedding day, do not. It is an illusion. Hopping photos, from them, always with lips at U shape it is not doing very well our job and not paying attention or the wedding photographer is giving… Read more »

Times are changing…

A NEW WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY…MAYBE Since I remember I appreciate technologic gadgets and I have some “toys” that do not belong to photography. But, I must say, the new communication toys does not appeal to me. To me, the car only serve to take me from one place to another and make my life easier and… Read more »