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A wedding at Quinta do Lumarinho

THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Leaving home very soon, to a photography wedding day, with that adventure spirit when we know what we gonna do, but with the incertitude of all the imponderable that can change all the planed things. The journey was planned several months ago and, between the first day and the… Read more »

A afternoon photographing at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra

THE MYSTERIES OF THE GARDEN Sintra always is a idilic place to any wedding photographer. Streets, small roads, hills and forests always give us the best photographic subjects, engaging scenarios and only the lack of imagination can be the limit. From the several gardens, that Sintra own with great proud, the Regaleira garden it is, for… Read more »

Party, in the wedding party

THE PLEASURE OF… TAKING PHOTOS Or the choir girls. As a wedding photographer I, always, try to frame the photos with the elements of the day and that photos show us the places and make us to understand what was to happen, in that moment. Nothing better then a Rock-a-billy band with his melodic tunes… Read more »