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Photographer on the loose during a wedding party

THE PHOTOGRAPHER by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Always the portrait, even if it was not been asked for. Although I already wrote here that I do not have any inclination to photograph animals, I admire their photographers very much. They are expert portraitists with a characteristic that I envy, the good envy, and I try to… Read more »

Spaces with light for photographers during a wedding

LIGHT AND THE LACK OF IT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The wedding ceremony in open spaces, venues and other appropriate places, deliver some difficulties to the wedding photographer that he do not find in churches. The light. The famous light that all the experts in photography so much talk about, write and, oftentimes, they proud… Read more »

The photographer moving around in a wedding

THE MOVEMENT and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Several times the photos must include one thing that it is part of people when they move around, specially in group. Something easy to show in vídeo, or cinema, but photography need to have some elements that, when looking, give the sensation of movement, of action. The wedding photographer… Read more »

The moment in the wedding photography

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER and THE MOMENT Those moments. Maybe the most used word when wedding photographers talk whith each other in those compliments about the work of the colleagues that they, also, chase during the all working day in a wedding. The moment. That point in the space and time, unrepeatable, that happen with the… Read more »