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While the photographer waits until the preparation for the wedding

ALWAYS PEEKING OUT and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Not always, during the bride get ready, we are overwhelmed and the so called dead times can be many. But the wedding photographer can not be with nothing to do and find, all the time, photos with all the members in place whether they are going to entertain… Read more »

Just a photo that I like

SOME TALK ABOUT A PHOTO Being a photographer has this things. Sometimes we are looking for the little things that anybody can see, other times we have the ambition of the moment, for some reasons the movement become an obsession. Notice that I use strong words to define the photographers interest.  They are like that… Read more »

Speeches at the wedding

OTHER PEOPLE EMOTIONS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I like very much to photograph speeches at the wedding party. Sadly to my peek  photographic side the habit of the speech at weddings does not exist too much in Portugal. So, when this happen I profit everything I can. But for my curious cameras finding laughter fanatics,… Read more »

The groom is ready

I LOVE THOSE SMILES In the passed I already wrote that is not my intention, when photographing a wedding, find all the time the most spectacular moments to images. Of course if they happen, I will catch them. Usually they fit well in the wedding photographers blogs and seems to be popular. However, for some… Read more »